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“You will come away from this site with an education. They offer almost every disposable made.”

For unique wedding party supplies for elegant theme weddings, a budget wedding, or a do it yourself wedding, you have found the perfect site. We hope to inspire “over the top” wedding table decorating that will surprise and delight your guests.

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For do it yourself wedding supplies, budget wedding party supplies and ideas, disposable wedding table settings, and all the theme wedding supplies you will need, Divine Disposables is a one stop shopping solution to make your wedding unique.

Dear Brides,

I know you want your Wedding reception table decorations to be spectacular. I understand the pressure to delight and impress your friends and family with your unique style. So whether it is a financial consideration or the challenging logistics of a Destination Wedding that make disposable wedding supplies your best choice, Divine Disposables can help make your wedding dreams come true! Included are many of the wedding table decorations previously only seen at the most expensive wedding receptions.

Hopefully the wedding table settings found under Divine Disposables or in my book, of the same name, will inspire you. That even if you’re serving a Buffet you will also set beautiful dining tables using some of my wedding ideas as I advocate in my book. However, even if you decide against setting your dining tables, the site will offer you all the disposable wedding products manufactured that are appropriate for weddings. You will be able to produce wedding table decorations you might have thought were only available to big budget events.

A word to Brides and Wedding Planners on a budget ….. A truly astounding wedding reception, an Extravaganza, doesn’t have to be expensive. The extravagance is in the details that make your guests feel pampered and entertained, possibly amazed and always delighted.

I don’t yet sell all the details, but the food service place settings pictured throughout the site have been created using only the Divine Disposables you can find on this site, a la carte or as a packaged deal. The Table Art you see throughout these pages was created to push you past the ordinary and give you the confidence to do what you didn’t think was possible with disposables!

At first, I would suggest you simply look through all the photographs to get inspired. You will get lots of ideas which will begin to relieve your anxiety. Then you can copy any of these design ideas as closely as you want to, but what I really hope is that you will feel liberated by the images you see and the ideas you get and use the photos as your inspiration.
Also note that some items pictured may be discontinued by the time you see them and some ideas may not fit your budget. In both cases I do suggest substitutes that I think will allow a very similar presentation.

P.S. We will meet any WEB competitor’s price if you Contact us with the web site address.

A reasonable amount of samples are free if we do not sell them by the each. But we do need to ask you to pay the freight, usually about $6.00-$8.00. You can order samples by emailing me at including all the pertinent information.

We ship in 2 days. If you need to have us ship the same day or the next day my fulfillment leader tells me I need to charge a $10.00 rush, drop everything fee. Sorry I hate doing this but my accountant tells me I have to.
We are the leaders in supplying unique Catering Products in full and split cases with no minimum order for receptions of all sizes.