Thank you for offering samples – it’s much appreciated.

BTW, kudos to you and your company. I purchased from you for my daughter Angela’s wedding four years ago, and your company rocks, so I have returned to order for my daughter Rosie’s wedding, and I’ll return again when my daughter Amy gets married next year! (That’s why I need the samples – I’ve already ordered for Rosie’s wedding, but we don’t yet know what we’d like for Amy’s.)


Terry D.

There is nothing that I would say I liked better about any site, yours is very simple and easy to navigate, as well as offering helpful tips for brides arranging their own weddings!

I have already recommended your site to my friend for her wedding, as well as confirming with my reception hall that your site is on their recommended vendors.  Thank you for the chance to save a little money and help market your site! I will send you an email after the reception even if you like to give you more raving reviews.

Grace Tanner - Bride-to-Be


The chair covers arrived as promised. They made the hall look wonderful.
It was just what we need to transform the church hall to an elegant place for my daughters 18th birthday party.
People who had been in the hall before could not believe their eyes. One lady said it looked better than her reception.

Thanks again


I love your website it make everything so easy.

May God Bless You,


I love your web site, amazing is all I can say!

I am the Coordinator of my sister’s Wedding Reception on January 2, 2009.  We need 130 disposable chair covers, what would the cost be for the extra 10 chair covers?  I am doing a Winter Wonderland and I love the picture you displayed.  Our colors are white, shades of blue. Got any ideas?

Brenda J. B.

I can’t remember if I thanked you for the great service!

We received the polka dotted plates & napkins & the really great silver plasticware quickly & in perfect order! You service was impeccable!! Thank you for the fast service & superb quality! We will be back again! Those special touches just made the party! They will be talking about the plasticware for years! They fooled everyone! Loved it! Thanks again-


Hello Robert-

I am in absolute awe of your “WEDDING DIVINE DISPOSABLES” the presentations under the kits are fabulous, and exactly what I’m looking for. My question is do you send out samples?


Wow!!! I think that everything looks beautiful. Could you help me?


By the way, guests told me my tables were beautiful and were amazed when they picked up the plates and forks and realized they were plastic!

Valerie R.

I am so excited by your website.

I feel as though I will be able to give the reception hall an elegant look at a reasonable price. Thank you very much.

Dee H

We fooled everyone, even the caterer, with your high quality masterpiece collection.

My caterer was so impressed with the look of the table settings at the reception – he thought it was dishware – that he wanted the name of your company. I’ve sent it on to him. The food at his restaurant, “Michael’s Uptown Cafe”, is five star quality -a global cuisine with a local flavor. Thank you again for all your help, making July 23rd, a very classy wedding reception & a very happy day for all.
Thanks again,

Louise A

Okay, you convinced me!

I looked at both on your website and have decided on the linens you suggested. I trust your expertise and judgment. Can you please cancel my first order #4571734891. Be assured I will send you pictures of the tables when they are finished. I am so glad to have found your company on the web. This has taken the un-fun stuff and made it much less of a hassle. I really appreciate your help and suggestions.
Thank you!
Kind regards,

Laura M

The web-site was SOOOOOOO helpful.

Thank you. Some of the plastic don’t even look it.
Thank you again,



I found your website and what a wonderful selection of items you have! I’m so excited – will be sharing it with my mom tomorrow. Rest assured you will be getting an order from us.Thank you so much for your insight and beautiful presentations. We were a little worried about serving on and with paper and plastic, but you have proven it can be done beautifully.

Wende S

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found your online store.

I love your whole approach to the business of weddings.
Charlene F

Hi, I love your website, it has definitely been encouraging to see what beautiful place settings can be done on a tight budget.

I am planning my wedding for early July and would like to use some of your products.
Thank you,

Jessica M

I was just browsing your site because I’m looking for all the necessary pieces for my wedding reception.

We are on a very tight budget and do not want to deal with rental vendors. I’m looking to purchase from you the above table covers as well as the napkins and a very large amount of a couple of different glasses. I was curious as to the look and feel of these table covers and it states that you would send out a sample. Is this true? I am so happy that I stumbled onto your site because I’ve been looking for a great deal of time for elegant disposable wares.

Thanks so much,


We are preparing for a banquet, but I need to make sure which color tablecover will go best with the set up.

I am so happy that you offer a sample option, because I was preparing to order multiple packs just to make sure we get the right one.  However, due to your wonderful way of handling your business, that won’t be necessary.
Lori-Ann J

Thank you Robert for your prompt reply and wonderful service.

My daughter was very happy when she looked at the napkins and the cutlery ware. Thank you for all your help and the smile on my daughter’s lovely face.


Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

I just placed my order for all the things I want to look at for our reception. I have to say that I’m very excited by the products you offer and your prices. I’ve been looking online for a few weeks now trying to get an idea for what I need for a do it ourselves wedding reception since our local party rental store doesn’t offer quite everything we wanted. You have the best selection by far. I’m glad that I’ve finally found the place where we can get what we need for our reception!

Melody J

I decided to buy from you because all of your online notes and suggestions have been a GREAT tool for me.

You really seem to care and have a passion for what you do. SO, without ever meeting you I felt confident buying from you.  You got me excited about your product and confident that I can have a “Divine” reception with disposables!
Thank you,
Katja F

My name is Isabel and I’m planning my wedding for June.

The place where we are renting is our church, and they don’t have any china or anything else for this kind of reception. We are under a budget and to rent all this things is to painful because if something break or damage we have to pay for it…(and I want to be relax that special day) so we came up with the idea to do plastics.  I don’t want it to look to cheap and will really love to see some samples before I purchase anything. Can you help me even if we need to pay for samples is ok. I really appreciate your help and time.
God bless you,

OOOOOHHHH! You rock! So Happy! I will be ordering very shortly.


Is it possible to get a sample of the octagon plate?

My daughter, Agatha is having an outdoor wedding and wants china but the task of cleaning it all before returning it to the rental company is somewhat overwhelming and I wonder if your product would be workable – she hates paper.
The wedding is going to be very casual – in the mountains in September – so the red or even the gold might work.  I will also be back for cocktail napkins…you have fabulous stuff.
Thank you for your help –
Vicki H

Your company and website have been the most useful I have found as I plan for our wedding in May.

The quality, variety, and ability to order smaller quantities makes all the difference!  Thank you for having such a great approach to your business.
When do you think I should I place my order so that I’m sure I get everything in time, and that if there are any issues I have time to fix them?

Thank you so much – I look forward to hearing from you.

Jane S

I received our order today and wanted to thank you for the great service.

The champage flutes are beautiful! Look as good as the picture on your site.

I am adding to our list here in case we ever have a need in the future to use your products.

Thanks again.

Diane M. T

I have been so pleased with the many items I’ve received from

They have enabled me to create beautiful table settings for many church functions (weddings, anniversaries, ladies’ days, Mother’s Day luncheons, etc). I have regretted that I never sent you a picture of any of the finished tables. However, last Sunday we had our annual “birthday party potluck” at church (Lubeck church of Christ) and this time I got a good picture of the October table I put together with the items I ordered from your company. There were many, many compliments from those attending and I think it was perhaps the prettiest setting I’ve ever seen. The chocolate tablecover was the perfect background for the autumn colors. For the center of the table I made two small silk flower arrangements of autumn leaves, marigolds and green berry sprays in matching willow pumpkins and added the October birthday cake (a pumpkin bundt cake with caramel/cream cheese glaze). I appreciate so much the beauty and quality of your products as well as the excellent service I receive and I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

Thank you! Sincerely,

Martha C. H

I received the sample today and it matches exactly and perfectly with the color that I was looking for.

Thank you so very much. I will be ordering the brown & bermuda blue/turquoise from your company. Your service was EXCELLENT. I appreciate all the time you took to help me. Have a great day!


I wanted to thank you personally for all the help your staff has offered on our behalf.

We have received the majority of our order and I am thrilled with the products and quality. We received the “Better than Linen” napkins and they are great!! My daughter and I are going to make napkin rings from black 3/8” elastic and hot glue a small pink flower onto the ring. This will allow stretch over the napkins and very inexpensive. I can’t wait to see the table covers. I will send you pictures after the wedding.

Thanks again,
Kind Regards,

Laura M

I receive the replacements today, I’m very glad,happy and satisfied about it.

Your company has an over all excellent customer service.More power and continue the services you give to your customer.


I received my order today and I just wanted to say thank you and I am very pleased with the products.

They are for my wedding and all will look great.  I am glad I found your site online and will recommend you to anyone with a need for your products.  Thanks again,

Mary G

Thank you so much for getting the supplies to me on time.

The table was great and my guests were impressed.
Laurel D

Thanks for all your help in getting the details right for my order.

I received the credit on my VISA for the returned items.  And my bridal shower last weekend was a big success.  Everyone raved about the beautiful products and how everything matched.  It was lovely, and I appreciate your focus on customer satisfaction.  You made my experience with Catering Supplies very pleasant.  Please forward this email to your supervisor so that they too will know how happy I was with the service I received!
Take care.  You’ll be hearing from me the next time I throw a party.  Have a great summer.

Your site is fantastic.

I am checking into glasses, silverware and plates for our wedding in July.  We are looking for champagne glasses, water glasses, forks and knives and dinner plates.  Is there any way to send me a sample of some of these things to check them out before buying?  I will pay shipping.  Please let me know if that is possible.